Opening the path to the future.

A Sensory Communication Platform

 Enabling Video, IoT and AI analytics at the true EDGE

Middleware to Open the Channel

In a world managed by IoT sensors everywhere, the pipeline for information is becoming very crowded. Even with the promise of new technology such as 5G, the proliferation of data causes disruptions, dropped lines and bad data transfer. Our cloud management platform enables the integration of IoT and sensor technology.

Employing a  highly innovative approach, our proprietary software is a force multiplier for video surveillance and intelligent analytics at the true EDGE, the camera. By leveraging 3D sensing and video, we offer 28 TIMES reduction in bandwidth, without compression methods or pixel manipulations while maintaining full fidelity of the images and evidentiary data.

For IoT applications, our software enables gigabytes of data to pass at zero bandwidth.

Our system-agnostic solution is designed to bring added value to your existing security, facilities management, smart city environment.


True Zero

Significant bandwidth reduction means faster processing, more data and higher camera resolution.

Low Bandwidth


We are enabling real-time video analytics at the true Edge resulting in a faster response. 

Analytics at the EDGE

Less Storage

Our unique solution gives you all the information you need, utilizing less data and HUGE savings in Storage.

HUGE Savings


About Us

vClick3d, Inc is a small tech innovator based in Austin Texas.  Our team of executives and creative software engineers are focused on a single mission - to provide solutions that are faster, more efficient and maximize infrastructure.  

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